My opinion, which was shaped through my experience as Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer, is that regression is a basic part of therapy and it is a "key" for everyone who is interested in deepening his Therapy treatment.

The profits of the regression are many.

The benefits of a regression are many. While you go back under my guidance*, you become detached from energies that ‘block’ your development in your life, your health, your spiritual and mental balance.
The regression that you are going to do with me is not through hypnosis, because it is not necessary for the therapy. You are safe and fully conscious during the therapy.
While you go to the past and experience the situations that have blocked you, you made your body, mind and soul safer, the enslaved energy is released. Addictions, such as SMOKING, DRINKING, DRUGS, BULIMIA, etc. physical and mental symptoms as DEPRESSION, PANIC, FEARS OF HEIGHTS, find healing through flashback/regression.

You feel the change immediately and in the present time. It is important to understand things that you are keeping locked inside your mind and soul and would never be released so easily only by forgetting them! The only way is to give to yourself a real chance to understand your deeper inside, consciously. What happens with regression is a sensation of freedom, is like you get rid of trash or like you burst fetters and chains.
Your energy field and subconscious sets free.

Still, I would like to draw attention, to some of you who attempt it alone or by relating to a book to do a regression or a flashback to a previous incarnation.
The use of such a book is good if it is limited in the information that it can provide.
Therapy cannot happen from a book.
when you use a book that states the steps you can follow, usually are incomplete for a regression and without a therapist.
The danger here is to withdraw memories and situations from your subconscious that will upset your mind, soul and body. This will be the result of your curiosity and not the therapy you need.The results of a therapeutic regression that will take place with a professional therapist it will give you "emptiness" and purgation.

When I say guidance*, I don't mean that I tell you what happened to you, or at which place you were born and leaved, if, for example, the regression therapy has to do with a previous life. I simply mean that I use a safe technique of regression therapy that helps you to view back and to discover by yourself, your other inner self. At that moment takes place what is necessary for your therapy. I am here to support you on this, for your therapy and your catharsis.



“Regression is an especially liberating experience.
I got solutions in parts of my life that I would probably have taken months
or even years to understand
. Combined with my initiation and my treatments 
in reiki the way I face my life, my work and new challenges, has changed”.
Vasilis, 27 years old, private sector.

It is a great relief to break free from situations that you do not remember consciously but exist in you as senses, fears, and pictures. You see your life lighten up and released.
It is like you break away from a weight that you had and kept your head down and as soon as it goes you become lighter and alert”.
Anna Stathopoulou, 30 years old, teacher.

”Regression helped me access previous experiences and childhood traumas.
I unblocked my life from all those strings that were keeping me prisoner today”.
Maria Exarchakou 45 years old, employee. 



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