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First degree Reiki
Two-days of initiations on the USUI REIKI SYSTEM.
The functions of reiki – self therapy - treatment to somebody else.
Reiki and its use in our life.
The five principles of reiki.

Regulation of the inhalation-exhalation system.
Gassho meditation, for conscience and awareness.
Nadabrahma, sitting Tibetan meditation
Jacki - Kuri joka - Ho- Metamorphosis of the negative energy
Kenyoku – the technique of detachment
Hanshin koketsu Ho- Technique for the blood circulation.
Shu-Chu-Reiki, a technique for focused reiki.
Chakras - the energy centres – The technique of their harmonisation.

Handbook of the first degree – music CD for reiki – Certificate of first degree

Second Degree Reiki
Two days
of initiations on the second level of the USUI REIKI SYSTEM.
Initiation in the symbols of the second level.
The functions of the symbols – therapy – their practical application.
The use of symbols - their potential.
Meditation of the symbols
Mandras - the sound of the symbols.
Intellectual therapy.
Energy cleaning of spaces.
Enkaku chiryo. Therapy from distance.
REIKI-Undo. Practise of clear out - Technique of inhalation-exhalation.
Hanshin koketsu Ho- Technique for the blood circulation.
Gassho meditation – the reiki principles.
Kundalini meditation.
Energy massage. Handbook of the second degree.
Certificate of second degree


Initiation in the symbol of the teacher. (master)
Repetition in the symbols of the second degree.
The uses of the fourth symbol.
The meaning and its history.
It’s relation with the symbols of the second level.
The Mantras of the fourth symbol.
Its therapeutic force.
its meditating ability.
Certificate of the A’ part of the THIRD LEVEL USUI REIKI SYSTEM.

Training of the initiations system of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level.
Training in Japanese therapy techniques.
Harmonisation and focus on the initiation process Practise of the breathing technique of the teacher for the purification of the spirit.
Training on therapies and guidance on how to teach the 1st and 2nd level.


THE WORKSHOP  of angelic energy with angeliki punam petrova.

This “workshop of Angelic Energy”, named “DROMENO”, is a way of enlightment,through an initiative therapeutic method.
The important thing about this workshop,
is the Initiation and therapeutic methods that take place.
All these give you the Re-connection with the Divine.
It makes you aware of the guardian -Angel and helps you open your Consciousness.
Through this Re-connection and this Contact with the guardian Angel,
you become conscious of your Divine being and you bring back the Light in your Life.
The Light is the consciousness, the understanding,
the lucidity, the clarity and the knowing of the inner Self.
Through this Union, Protection appears in your life
and your therapeutic capability is re- established.
An important element of the ANGEL’S WORKSHOP is the Meditation-
which you feel through silence, harmony, satisfaction, fulfilment and felicity.
Through this Workshop, Meditation becomes natural, solid, familiar to you.
Your bio-energy changes and takes a pure meditative quality,
that means that your basic energy moves into another energy level and you become meditative.
Then your every activity and everyday action is a meditation experience.
The opening of your Consciousness means your Union with energies
of the Universal dimension and the Global Consciousness.
So, this expansion is your Opening into Higher and other capabilities.
With this way you will lead yourself to the path of your enlightment. 
An important role for this change of our bio- energy,
have the three chakras of our body:
the chakra of the heart (connection with the mental body),
the chakra of the hypophisis (connection with the universal body)
and the highest chakra (connection with the body of nirvana),
over there you leave yourself and you become one piece with the higher consciousness.
The initiative and therapeutic procedures that happen in this WORKSHOP
make this Energy Opening of yourself real,
step by step, as you are safe during all this.
When your opening in consciousness happen,
at the same time your grounding happens also. 
You see this grounding in your life as you bring there simplicity.
The clarity that is part of your growth will help you see the reality of your life.
Because grounding means that you are “there”.
You live with your reality like it is at the present time
without illusions or making things up,
without demanding from the things to be different,
to be this or that way, without putting labels in your life or
putting people and relationships here and there,
you just live, leave and let life happen.
You walk with life, living every moment, living at the moment,
living here and now.
you give yourself the possibility to see this truth inside you,
to realize it and get over all those bonds and situations of the past
or of destiny that hold you non -free and trapped and lead your existence.
Don’t fool yourself!
If this won’t happen- and I mean this inside catharsis and freedom –
you will never be able to see yourself like a real human being
with the possibility of the divine and the enlightment.
You will never find your destination.
The truth is that the time comes for us to get free
from these situations and bonds of life – or every life- and to move on.

Τhe Worskshop of Angels that I present has two parts:
At the first part
, happens to you the Re- connection with the Guardian –Angel and the Expansion or opening of your consciousness.
This, firstly, starts with an Initiation that you receive from me.
At the Workshop, we focus on getting the knowledge of our Higher Divine Self, through meditation that you get in and experience that you live{have).
The core οf the workshop is clearly experiencing.
The way that we come close to angels’ energies
is not through any religion.
You are not forced to any kind of existing religion or belief
or dogma that has to do with majors of archangels and hierarchies
On the contrary, through your opening of your consciousness
and the therapeutic procedures of the workshop,
you get free to discover on your own the higher energies
because you get yourself ready for this, as you open yourself into this,
you let catharsis happen and after that, you are ready to see truth.

At the second part of the Workshop,
we ground the energies. After the Re –connection
and the Expansion of the consciousness, the grounding is necessary.
The Workshop gets into your reality.
We work with the thought therapy,
we work with the  abundance and we balance ourselves
with this energy and enegies close to this like plenitude,prosperity.
During the experience that you have inside the workshop,
you understand and you get clear about basic relationships of your life,
like matter and energy, money and energy,
professional matters, loving partnership and family relationships.

After all this therapeutic work that you do, you unblock yourself
and you get yourself apart from those pieces and bonds that act against your gronwth.


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